The Ten Trusts by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff | Book Review

Rating: 9/10

Format:  Paper book – Owned

I’m a Jane Goodall fangirl. Goodall is just– her compassion, patience, and gentleness with all animals, even people, is so admirable. Often those of use who are veg*  and animal rights activists forget that humans are animals too. We can be so cruel to our fellow humans that they (perhaps rightfully) refuse to listen to us. Goodall just goes in there with radical love and understanding and making the world a better place. Oh yeah, and she’s a brilliant writer and scientist. She’s besties with animals. It’s just. She’s a hero, okay?

I know less about Marc Bekoff, but I enjoyed hearing from him throughout this book, and appreciated having another voice. The collaborative style was fitting for the content.

This was a small, short volume, but I was moved to tears more than once by the authors’ conviction and stories. I truly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest on living on our planet (that’s all of us).

The Ten Trusts:

1. Respect all life

2. Live as part of the Animal Kingdom

3. Educate our children to respect animals

4. Treat animals as you would like to be treated

5. Be a steward

6. Value the sounds of nature and help preserve them

7. Do not harm life in order to learn about it

8. Have the courage of your convictions

9. Act knowing that your actions make a difference

10. Act knowing that you are not alone



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