Parasite by Mira Grant | Book Review

Rating: 5/10

Format:  Audio-book – Library

I read all three of Mira Grant’s Feed series, which I thought was pretty good and acceptably horrifying for the topic (Zombies). I want it written down that I predicted the “twist” to the Feed books and predicted the “twist,” to this book as well. Honestly, if you gave me this and the Feed books I would have told you she wrote this one first. It just doesn’t feel as sophisticated. I did finish it but I wasn’t thrilled about it.

Our protagonist, Sally, has been in a terrible car accident and has amnesia. Apparently, she used to be an incredibly difficult person. Which is kind of hilarious because Sally is painfully awful now.  She’s a whiny, confusing girl-from-a-box. It’s a lot of what drove me crazy about the first Twilight book– stop putting yourself in danger! You do not know what’s going on! Stop right where you are! So crazy. Anyway, so after her car accident, a company saves her life by installing their magical universal medicine tapeworm.

Yes, you did read that right. The Big Corporation(TM) peddles Magical Universal Medicine Tapeworms. And almost everyone has one in 2027! It is able to cure basically every disease. People don’t get sick anymore! Sadly that’s one of the more believable things that goes down in this book. Also, one of the first scenes in the book involves someone with a PhD handling a cadaver without gloves. UMMMMMMM. All of my higher education was in what people call the “soft” sciences- a label to which I take exception– BUT I did take biology as an undergrad, and spoiler alert: WEAR GLOVES IN THE LAB. Dude.

I probably wouldn’t be this mean about this book if I’d gone in with lower expectations. The Feed books were dark and complex and interesting. This book felt messy and predictable. The protagonist was un-root-for-able and honestly that’s enough for me right there. I won’t throw all of Mira Grant out, but definitely take a pass on the magical tapeworms.

Subjective Rating: 2/5

Objective Rating: 3/5


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